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Jo Tacchi's blog

Panels at conferences - promoting the global association and C4D key issues


Hello all

I'm starting to think about the ICA and IAMCR conferences mid 2013, and after catching up with Ketan recently in Viet Nam, I thought I'd just send out a note on this.

I'd like to propose a panel at IAMCR around innovative approaches to researching C4D. I'll work on a description of this but thought it could also be used to publicize the association, and the work (by then) of the interim committee. It would be excellent to have participants from this netwrk take part, so I'll circulate my thoughts soon, and see if any of you are interested in joining my panel proposal.

I think we could suggest more than one panel at IAMCR, and certainly panels at ICA too.

I'm offering to lead one at IAMCR, on this issue of innovative approaches to researching C4D. Is anyone thinking about other panels?



Researching and evaluating C4D

It would be really great to have a space for dedicated discussion of researching and evaluating C4D. Certainly the work undertaken by UNICEF and others following the UNRT before last on this topic could be followed up in some way perhaps? We could make the reports available through links here? Jo

Proposed Communication for Development Association