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Test Topic for Rafael and Paula - re 30/31 August space


Test Topic for Rafael and Paula - re 30/31 August space

Monday, Aug 20
10 years 31 weeks ago

Paula/Rafael - hi - as promised here is how I would approach communication with people confirmed as participants for the 30/31 August meeting.

  1. I have created a theme called "Participants - 30/31 August Meeting UNICEF New York" - see
  2. This test topic is an example of what would happen.
  3. Create New Topics called whatever you wish - eg Administrative Details and Agenda and ? - select this theme
  4. When you send the topic choose/check the people who are confirmed from the names that appear - Paula will see these as she has manager permissions - for this example I have chosen just the three of us, for example.
  5. Once the names are chosen for a topic they remain in place for all communications
  6. But as either new people confirm that they will be attending or people previously confirmed indicate that they will now not attend Paula just unchecks them.
  7. Of course everyone will need to be registered on the platform - but that is important anyway
  8. This way the communications are all within the platform so coherent, one place etc

Can run you through this Paula if above needs any further insights.


Sounds good to me!

Sounds good to me!

Dear Colleagues and

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Attached please find the draft agenda and list of participants for next week's consultation in New York City. In a separate message, you will see the spreadsheet with information about organizations we have researched with respect to their Constitutions and/or Bylaws and Membership Structures and Fees.

Please confirm receipt of this message.

Thank you and regards, Paula

Looking forward to seeing you next week, Paula

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