Draft report from August consultation

Tuesday, Oct 9
9 years 31 weeks ago

Dear Warren, Attached for your review is the draft report from the 30-31 August consultation. Would you be able and willing to take a crack at drafting the Executive Summary? If not, I will do it, but it will be next week. I have incorporated comments from Rafael, who is on mission this week, but provided feedback. Once you approve of the draft, I (or you) will share it with participants, then after finalization, it will be posted for anyone and everyone. Thanks a lot, Paula PS Actually, I'm going ahead and sharing it now with other C4D colleagues in HQs.

Dear Warren, You are not

Dear Warren, You are not usually so quiet ... everything okay your side? Any comments on this report from the consultation? I still have not had a minute to draft the Executive Summary. Thanks, Paula

Hi - just back from South

Hi - just back from South Africa - will get to this soon - Warren