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Awards information - Early Child Development possibilities


Awards information - Early Child Development possibilities

To: Early Child Development Network within the overall Drum Beat network

Hi folks - below please find 3 recent Awards summaries shared through the network. Hope that these are of interest and much good luck if you decide to apply for any of these. Others will flow through the Early Child Development space at And please do let us know any knowledge that your wish to share.

World of Children Health, Humanitarian, and Youth Leadership Awards

"…seeks to honour and bring acclaim to outstanding children's advocates and the work they do, as well as to raise public awareness about the issues affecting the world's children…Cash awards range from US$25,000 for the Youth award to US$50,000 for the other awards…"

Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life Award

'…aim to honour creative and courageous women and women's groups around the world for their contributions to improving the quality of life in rural communities…US$1,000 each for individuals and US$3,000 for specific African women’s organisations…"

PLURAL+ Video Festival Awards

"…invites youth to submit short videos on their thoughts, experiences, opinions, questions, and suggestions on these key issues and how to promote harmonious yet diverse societies...

Please note that further knowledge will also flow through the…

..@warrencomminit TWITTER account and…

…The Communication Initiative Network FACEBOOK account at well as the Early Child Development space at

Thanks - Warren

Warren Feek - Executive Director - The Communication Initiative - Office - 1–250-658-6372 - Mobile 1-250-588-8795 - Fax 1-250-658-1728

Twitter: @warrencomminit Facebook: The Communication Initiative Network

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