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Session: Building my community: Community-based approaches to Entertainment-Education


Session: Building my community: Community-based approaches to Entertainment-Education

12 years 10 weeks ago

Moderator: Sean Southey (PCI Media Impact, USA)

Panelists: Brenda Campos (PCI Media Impact, USA), Arvind Singhal (University of Texas at El Paso), Isabel Sabines (First Lady of Chiapas, Mexico), Jose Luis Aguirre (Universidad Catolica Boliviana, Bolivia)

For decades, entertainment-education has been used by practitioners to motivate change in communities worldwide. But what if communities could use EE as a process to address and resolve local issues with local knowledge? Media impact works with partners around the world using its unique 'My Community' methodology, a capacity building approach to EE that emphasizes mentoring to empower coalitions of local partners through the creation and implementation of three-part programs - EE serial drama, talk show and community mobilization campaign - to promote sustainable development. The methodology is an effective, low-cost tool to motivate change on the individual, community and policy levels.

In this session Jose Luis Aguirre will discuss capacity building and how it promotes community ownership of EE products through the lens of a Bolivian initiative for which one multi-liingual national EE drama was adapted to the local context through magazine shows hosted by community stations. Brenda Campos will share how EE is engaging youth in New York City classrooms, and encouraging dialogue between school stakeholders. Isabel Sabines will explore possibilities of multi-sectoral partnerships to promote access to information and services as evidenced by EE radio and television programs in Chiapas, Mexico. Dr. Arvind Singhal will provide a theoretical overview of Positive Deviance and how it can be integrated int EE to emphasize community involvement.

Following the presentation, participants will engage with the presenters about how these innovations might be replicated elsewhere.

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