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Session: The Power of Story: Learning Storytelling Techniques from Hollywood Masters (Part II)


Session: The Power of Story: Learning Storytelling Techniques from Hollywood Masters (Part II)

12 years 20 weeks ago

Presentation: SOS_Slaves: Changing the Trafficking Game

SOS_Slaves: Changing the Trafficking Game via Social Impact Games Crowd-Sourcing Exercise

Chelo Alvarez-Stehle (innerLENS Productions, USA)

This workshop will inspire audiences to embrace social impact gaming as a tool that can foster healthier, more informed attitudes among teenagers toward human trafficking and sex slavery and engage them to become freedom fighters, innerLENS Productions has conducted several outreach workshops at schools, showcasing the SOS_SLAVES Concept Demo, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive, with students creating blogs for online slavery and committing to fight the issue. Today's workshop marks the organization's first attempt at crowd-sourcing an aspect of the game.

In this workshop, participants will form groups and brainstorm design/educational/outreach elements for one or more of the storylines in our game. They will be asked to create unnecessary obstacles, outline possibilities of 'fun failure,' and go through the challenge of turning a serious topic into an engaging experience. Participants will grasp the power of serious gaming as a way to engage young audiences toward the fight against modern-day slavery, encouraging then to use their digital savvy to become virtual and real-world human rights advocates. Participants will be acknowledged for their contribution of the game's website.

Presentation: Pleasure Stories

Pleasure Stories: Integrating the Discourse of Pleasure into Sexual SHR Training

Gunjan Sharma (Presenter) and Sangita Singh (TARSHI, India)

This workshop goes beyond 'medicalization' of reproductive and sexual health and the physiology of anatomy to address the importance of pleasure in sexual relationships and its implication for addressing risk of HIV transmission, gender identity, gender-based violence and safety.

The workshop focuses on how pleasure can be woven into discussions of sexuality. Participants will be invited to create a Pleasure Story, centered around everyday items (props) collected from the audience. Following the presentation of the stories, there will be discussion that focuses on key issues of why discussing pleasure is crucial to any discussion on sexuality and rights.

Most discussions and training on sexuality focus on a disease-prevention model and ignore aspects of pleasure in peoples' lives, which in turn can negatively impact individuals and communities. This workshop builds the skills of healthcare and media practitioners and activists to respond to these issues and develops an understanding of the inextricable link between pleasure, sexual and reproductive health and rights, human rights and HIV/AIDS.

Presentation: Body Language: Communication Beyond the Spoken

Body Language: Communication Beyond the Spoken Word

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