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The CI - Environment - New Platform


The CI - Environment - New Platform

[Apologies if receiving below twice - a dreaded technical glitch!)Please do not reply to this email - please email Warren at with any communications]

Hi - As someone who on registering for The Communication Initiative/Drum Beat network indicated an interest or involvement in Environment/Natural Resource Management issues I wanted quickly to update you with some recent developments.

The new Natural Resource Management online theme site can be seen at

There are now 2,241 (and growing) environment/natural resource management summaries of knowledge shared by the network.

Please do try the search process - it supports you filtering your searches by your specific interests.

Some recent knowledge shared includes:

Linking and Geotagging Pastoralist and Mobile Production Systems

ICTs and Climate Change Mitigation in Emerging Economies

Journalism Competition on Agriculture Issues

The Last Man Standing - Puppet Show

Most summaries include a contact person. Please do make contact direct for any further insights you require to advance your work.

Perhaps you are looking for a job - relevant ones are posted in this space - for example this recently from CTA:

Programme Manager - CTA - Wageningen, The Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium

Log in to vote in the poll! Your username is above and if you have forgotten your password there is an easy recovery process - just click "log in" on any page.

The present poll question is: "Has there been a recent trend of diminishing levels of public debate on environmental issues?" Please do vote! And please do send me your suggestions for future poll questions.

There is lots more at:

Please do send me at any knowledge you wish to share through this very well used process. We would be honoured to profile and share your work and thinking.

And a reminder to please not reply to this email - email me instead. More soon re that!

Thanks and best wishes - Warren

Warren Feek Executive Director The Communication Initiative

1-250-658-6372 - work 1-250-588-8795 - mobile 1-250-658-1728 - fax

Environment/Natural Resource Management
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