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Using this Coordination and Communication platform


Using this Coordination and Communication platform

To: People involved in the Proposed Communication for Development Asscoiation dialogue Re: A few initial notes re using the coordination and communication platform at

As part of the partnership between The CI and UNICEF re support to you all for the consideration and possible development of a global, membership based C4D Association, The CI will develop and support the online platform processes. What you see at present is just the initial part of that process.

Below are a few insights/tips re how to use But please do explore - you can not break it!

  1. Please note that home page is called Dashboard - mouse-over the icon 2nd left at top and click
  2. You can see who is in this group at present (others invited) - mouse-over the Members icon and click
  3. Some people registering have submitted short profiles - click on a member name to open
  4. You can control your own account - click on your username top left and then click on Account Settings
  5. Whilst in Account Settings please (a) click on the Personal and Professional Information tabs to update your profiles and (b) click on Picture to upload the image you want associated with yourself
  6. To contribute overall thoughts - Click Create Content/General Forum entry
  7. You can comment on specific themes - choose from the bock right-side at - eg under Themes there is one created for "Peer Review Journal on Communication for Development themes" - Click - Add a Topic or open an existing Topic and Comment. Using this approach we get "threads"
  8. To contribute/share any relevant Events - Click Create Content/New Event
  9. For all posts you can reply to other people's comments - again so that we have threads

There is much other functionality. I will add some how-tos as we move forward. But it is good to just explore this platform - it is not possible to break it!

Plus please note that all of the comments process is email enabled - you can reply by email - no need to access.

Thanks - just the very beginnings - please send me any queries or questions using the comments process (by email or open Read More link below and enter in Comments)

Best wishes - Warren

Warren Feek Executive Director The Communication Initiative Twitter: Facebook: The Communication Initiative Network LinkedIn: Warren Feek

Skype: Warren Feek Office - 1–250-658-6372 Mobile 1-250-588-8795 Fax 1-250-658-1728

Proposed Communication for Development Association
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Cuaderno de notas

La sección del Cuaderno de notas proporciona una forma para poder guardar y compartir información con los miembros del grupo. Con la función de libro se puede:

  • Añadir páginas de libro y organizarlas jerárquicamente en diferentes libros.
  • Adjuntar archivos a las páginas para compartiros con otros.
  • Hacer un seguimiento de los cambios que otros puedan haber hecho y deshacer los cambios si es necesario.
  • Archivar libros que ya no son de interés para el libro. Los libros archivados pueden ser reactivados más adelante si es necesario.