Violence and Children - How to approach?

To: The Early Child Development Community within The Drum Beat network

Best wishes. What do you consider are effective ways to address violence issues with young children? Three approaches/insights follow. But what are your views/analysis/insights on the most effective strategies and programmes?

Children of Prisoners, Interventions and Mitigations to Strengthen Mental Health
"The project surveyed 0.4% of the estimated total population of children of prisoners in the four COPING countries, a total of 737 children, 479 families, and 1,347 individual surveys. COPING researchers also conducted face-to face interviews, a total of 349 divided…"

One, Two, Three for Me and My Friends - Un, dos, tres por mí y mis amigos
"…a vehicle to allow the voices of the children forced to live in the violent environment of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to be heard…"

Community Violence and Young Children: Making Space for Hope - Early Childhood Matters No. 119
"Articles explore: the idea that violence should be thought of as a public health problem analogous to infectious disease; examine from a scientific perspective the impacts on children's social, emotional, and cognitive development of growing up..."

There is further knowledge summarised at this link with filters for more specific interests.

Thanks for sharing your assessment and insights.