Session: Mini to Mid to Mass: Focus on Maternal and Child Health and FP

hace 10 years 1 week

The place to (a) find the presentations from the "Mini to Mid to Mass: Focus on Maternal and Child Health and FP" session and (b) for further online debate and conversations related to the knowledge shared in these presentation

Presentation: Pehla Ek Ghanta - India

Asignado: No asignado » Warren Feek

Pehla Ek Ghanta - Sure Start's Campaign for Promotion of Maternal and New Born Health - India

Impact of "Pehla ek Ghanta"

Asignado: Warren Feek » No asignado

Could not attend this track during the EE5 (there were far too many choices !!!). would like to know about how long was this campaign - "Pehla ek Ghanta"...has it already translated into action among the targeted...and what kind of tools have you been using to assess that behavioral impact.

Presentation: Nigerian Nollywood Movies - Nigeria

Promoting Women and Children's Health and Social Development through Nigerian Nollywood Movies - University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Presentation: Gari Chole Na - Bangladesh

Drama Serial Gari Chole Na: Integrating mass media with local efforts - Bangladesh

Presentaion: PataPata Children's Radio Programme - Tanzania

PataPata Children's Radio Programme: Engaging Children in Malaria Treatment and Prevention - JHU/CCP Center for Communication Programmes -Tanzania

Presentation: Family Planning and Rural Radio - Niger

Family Planning and Rural Radio Listening Groups - Animas- sutura and GFA/Futures - Niger