Resources worth sharing

Monday, Mar 10
hace 9 years 29 weeks

Here are some resources that seem relevant to mitigation:

Building Disaster Resilient Communities: Evaluating the Impact of the BBC WST's Radio Programme New Home New Life on Disaster Risk Reduction and Related Messages This 20-page report outlines the key findings from a qualitative study of the Afghan radio soap opera New Home New Life (NHNL). The report sought to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) with regard to disaster preparedness/management among NHNL audiences.

Learning from Failures in Disaster Response This editorial explores science communication in the context of two recent disasters - cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and the earthquake in Sichuan province, China - to highlight the need for effective dissemination of information about prevention and mitigation, both before and after a disaster.

Hope you find them interesting. For more you can follow this link: