Financial Support - Journal Article - Routine and Polio

Saturday, Jun 6
hace 8 years 17 weeks

To: The Health Communication Network
From: Warren Feek

Call for Submissions for Papers on Polio and/or Routine Immunisation (RI) and Communication - Deadline is June 15, 2015

This opportunity is designed to enable those working on immunisation in the countries where the greatest challenges exist to address major topics and issues related to the communication lessons and legacy of the polio programme and the relationship between polio and RI programmes in the following priority areas ... further details are at this link

If you have comments or questions about this opportunity you can either reply to this post (click Read More below, log in and comment) or use the discussion link here (you can log in through your Facebook or twitter account)

The form for submission of proposals can be viewed as a pdf at this link or it can be downloaded as a Word document here

Thanks for considering - Warren