Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network


The Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network is an interactive space for anyone utilising social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) for malaria prevention, control, and treatment in Africa. It combines the ever growing collection of practical tools, research and resources found on the [Soul Beat Africa: Malaria website - hyperlink to website when finished] and e-magazines with social networking tools designed to link a growing network of people and organisations committed to expanding and improving the use of SBCC in African malaria initiatives.

The Malaria Network is designed to help you build professional connections, identify opportunities for programming, share lessons learned, and explore ways to better evaluate the impact of malaria social norm and behavioral change strategies and activities.

Soul Beat Africa will work together with C-Change to moderate discussion, raise important topics and faciliate connections. But this space belongs to all those who register and use it. As a member you will be able to create your own groups, establish your own topics within those groups and join in discussion with anyone in the Malaria Network. You will also be able to upload Malaria SBCC content you would like to share with others using the group specifically created for this purpose [Share your content - url link to this group goes here] or by uploading documents along with any comment you make. Soul Beat will review these uploads regularly and identify content to summarise and post to the Soul Beat Africa: Malarai website.