Let us know what you think of the Soul Beat Africa Malaria Initiative!

Wednesday, Apr 4
hace 12 years 7 weeks

To the Malaria Network,

More than 6 months ago, Soul Beat Africa started the Malaria Knowledge Sharing Initiative which focuses on social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) for malaria prevention, control, and treatment in Africa. It is being supported by the President’s Malaria Initiative and C-Change (a project of FHI 360) and includes a website http://comminit.com/malaria-africa/category/sites/africa/malaria , a regular malaria e-newsletter (see archives here http://comminit.com/malaria-africa/newsletters/4778 ), and a social networking space.

We would love to get your feedback on this initiative. Have you, for example, found the information featured on the website and in the newsletters useful to your work and, if so, can you tell us how you have used the information? Also, if information from your organisation was included on the Malaria website or in our e-magazines, please let us know of any collaborations or interactions that may have been sparked by the inclusion of your work.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as it will help us to better support your work. Please post your comments in this forum by following the “Read more” link in the email notification (you may need to log in) or you can send your comments to me at aventh@comminit.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Anja Venth Editor, Soul Beat Africa

I am very happy to be

I am very happy to be associated with Soul Beat Africa Malaria Initiative. It is really a noble venture and should be encouraged. The information from here has been educating and interesting. It has help me a lot in my work too. I apologize for having not contributed or posted my comment. This was as a result of some challenges in sending the information. But am happy now that the process is getting clearer to me. I assure you that I will always try to send to you more relevant information, comments and answers to questions that will come from you to make this laudable venture go even beyond you ever imagined. Thanks.