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Gillies C. Kasongo's blog

Human Rights for All

To: The Media Development Network with The Communication Initiative

From Gillies C. Kasongo - Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf) on **basis of a human rights-based approach to programming. **

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Human Rights for All

People, the world over, are entitled to universal, inalienable and indivisible rights, by virtue of their common humanity.

Everyone is entitled to live and enjoy a life of freedom and dignity regardless of their age, status, income, gender, sexual orientation, religion, among others. Human rights are indivisible. Whether of a civil, cultural, economic, political or social nature, all human rights are inherent to the dignity of every human being. They all have equal status and cannot be ranked.

Sadly, there are parties that feel certain groups or individuals deserve space, respect and dignity, while others do not. One such marginalised group is that of sexual minorities.

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