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Profiles of People in Hunger: Core Strategic Approach?


Profiles of People in Hunger: Core Strategic Approach?

To: The CI/Drum Beat Media Development Network

Hi - we have just published a summary of this Panos initiative:

Hungry in the City: Profiles of People Facing Hunger in Five Countries

"...a media brief from Panos London featuring a collection of stories from people in developing countries around the world who explain how they are surviving in an era of higher food prices, inflation, and hunger..." see with link to full document.

This appoach go me considering if the Panos strategy here should be the core, main approach for relevant, resonant and effective media and/for development: namely, supporting people in the very toughest situations to give voice to their stories, perspective and analysis to audiences they would not other wise be able to reach?

Do you agree with that conclusion or not?

If not what do you regard as the core elements for media developemnt?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts through this network.

Simply reply to this email - just as you would any other email!

Best wishes and thanks.


Warren Feek Executive Director The Communication Initiative

The Media Development Network
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