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Media and Citizen Engagement?


Media and Citizen Engagement?

To: The Drum Beat's Media Development Network From: Warren

Hi - thanks for being part of this network.Hope that your work is going well.

These three knowledge summaries recently submitted by the network drew my attention relate to media and citizen engagement.

Blurring the Boundaries: Citizen Action Across States and Societies

Media, Information Systems and Communities: Lessons from Haiti

Better Connected: Empowering People through Communications Technology

I am really interested in your views and ideas. From these 3 summaries and your own experience what strategic lessons do you draw?

Simply reply by email to share your thoughts.

Thanks - Warren

Warren Feek Executive Director The Communication Initiative

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To: Media Development Network

To: Media Development Network - The Communication Initiative

From: Shipra Mathur

Re: Media Development and Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement and Mobilization is indeed one major draw for Media. Working with Print, its quite a learning that public engagement is crucial for the buzz and action about any issue.

We have been mobilizing the issue of Education of Poor Children, Dialogue for Daughters so that people take pride in having daughters, and Using Parks as Community Spaces for Dialogue and Change. The last one( LIVE PARKS) campaign was being launched with the city development authority and it took very hard initially to convince the partners how this can be meaningful media intervention campaign for Community Mobilization for Environment,Change and Action.

Using the strength of newspaper we launched the campaign in two parks of the Jaipur ( Capital of Rajasthan state) and got immense response. Used Tree Talks-Green Walk ( eg Story Telling), Folk Performance in Park ( eg Puppet Show), Fun- Learning Games ( eg Rope Pulling) Water and Green Habit Survey, Plantation of Medicinal Plants, Daily Yoga and Therapy classes and Medical Camps, Took Orphan kids to City Tour to Science Parks and Engaged them in Anti- Polythene and Cleanliness Drive in Parks. Carried news and advertisements for engaging and energizing visitors. Will share a case study, if it interests you. See a link meanwhile.

As we shared this pilot work with the partners Jaipur Development Authority, the Commissioner immediately agreed to extend this concept to all the Parks of the city. Hope to do more innovation and measure real change.


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