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Open Education - The Entrepreneurial Revolution of MOOC


Open Education - The Entrepreneurial Revolution of MOOC

Monday, Jul 1
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10 years 6 weeks ago

Since the web was launched by Berners Lee , it is agreed by those who have supported the view that the internet can be the smartest and most collaborative educational media - a diametrically opposite view to it being an appendage to tv advertising - that three of the most valuable multipliers of OE networks are M for massively viralising O for Open O for online Regarding the C-word - all 4 of Course, Curriculum, Collaboration and Connectivity have value

MOOC was coined by communities concerned with the internet's freedom to educate. In the last 2 years 2 platforms that have lived up to all 4 multipliers of MOOC are and

The way these two platforms scale is interestingly different. Coursera depends on the scarcity of saying a typically 6 week course will only run periodically - typically once a year at most. Khanacademy depends on the reputation of having the best 24/7 curricula freely accessible on anything it extends to. Both there enjoy the possibility of viralising among those who most need the training but couldn't previously get free access to it.

There is no way that we would be at today's extraordinary crossroads with MOOC if it had not been for berners lee and also open education policies at MIT where Berners Lee is based. However what viralised cannot be ignored, and a question to ponder is can anyone do a khan or a coursera? At the moment since Khan used open software costing $300 it would seem that anyone with brilliant practice training could be well advised to set up a khan type lab. I am currently talking to leaders of organisation that has openly done most good in development world about this and would love to collaborate with anyone who believes this is an urgent worldwide youth opportunity.

Why not make microeducationsummit central to post 2015 millennium goals summits and celebrate 10 minute training videos there - as these are the common design module at both khan and coursera. More at the Ning representing the Youth Foundation interests of my father who spent his life working at The Economist as a pro-youth economist

To see the most famous social business advocate's take on MOOC search MOOCyunus

MOOCs show tremendous promise

MOOCs show tremendous promise though I expect they are in their very early stages. There are some interesting initiatives happening in many areas such as this one from Singapore:

Technology Outlook for Singaporean K-12 Education 2012-2017

Health, Rights, Media
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