Journalists Competition: ICTs and Agriculture - and Health and Rights?

Monday, Jul 8
7 years 12 weeks ago

To: The Health, Rights, Media Community of Practice

Hi folks - just in case this is of interest below and through the links please find details of a COMPETITION for JOURNALISTS: CUTTING-EDGE TECH & AGRICULTURE Though not specific to health and rights I am sure that such issues will very much come within the scope of the award/competition. For your review and possible entry if relevant!

The 'prize" includes full support to attend the international conference on ICT4ag in Kigali, Rwanda and Euro 1,000 (one thousand) prizes. Details follow and can also be seen at this link

This competition is linked to the ICT4ag conference co-hosted by The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) will be held between November 4 and 8 2013 in Kigali Rwanda.

Click here for more information, accessible in English or French

Click here to learn more about the ICT4ag conference

The conference provides delegates from Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries with the opportunity to discuss how increased investment and adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the agricultural sector will contribute to improved value chains as well as more effective advocacy and policy processes in agricultural and rural development. It also encourages them to share ideas and knowledge in the context of ICT trends and their impact on agriculture, capacity building, enabling environments, scaling up and sustainability.

CTA is encouraging Journalists working for print and online media in ACP countries to participate in a competition designed to showcase success stories, highlight best practices and shed light on challenges and opportunities for improving ICTs contribution to agriculture.

Eligible journalists are invited to submit unpublished articles in English or French on one of these three areas:

  • Enabling environments for the agricultural sector to maximise the benefits from ICTs

  • Gender mainstreaming through ICTs for efficient/effective agricultural activities

  • Use of ICTs to boost access to markets and facilitate agribusines

Each article should contain concrete examples and be in the form of an analysis paper, field report or opinion piece and be accompanied by one page biography of the author.

Deadline and Award: Articles must be submitted by August 15 after which a panel of judges from the media will select the top six submissions. The six finalists will be announced in September 2013 and will be fully supported to attend the international conference on ICT4ag in Kigali, Rwanda. They will also each receive Euro 1,000 (one thousand) prize.

During the conference, the six finalists will be asked to write an original article based on one topic discussed during the conference, taking into account expert opinions case studies and arguments. Three winners will be selected from these articles and announced during the conference. The overall “Winner” – 1st place, will receive an additional Euro 1000. The second place winner will receive an additional Euro 500. The third place winner will receive an additional Euro 300. The top 3 “Winners” will also receive CTA trophies and book prizes.

The prize giving event will take place on 7 November 2013 in Kigali, Rwanda, during the International Conference on ICT4ag.

Application Info: Applicants can submit their entry in French or English to with a copy to

Click here for more information, accessible in English or French

Click here to learn more about the ICT4ag conference

With many thanks for considering and for sharing this information with your own networks

Best wishes - Warren