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BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations Based on Lessons Learned

BID Initiative Briefs: Recommendations Based on Lessons Learned

Publication Date
Publication Date: 
Friday, September 1, 2017

Partnering with Tanzania and Zambia, the PATH-led BID Initiative developed, tested, and rolled out interventions that address pressing routine immunisation service delivery challenges, such as poor visibility into vaccine supplies and difficulty identifying children who default on immunisation schedules. In addition, through the BID Learning Network, many countries across sub-Saharan Africa participated in the design and testing of tools to help ensure that solutions are relevant for and can be adopted by other countries interested in improving their health programmes through better data. This series of 4-page briefs summarises the BID Initiative's approaches and interventions and shares recommendations and lessons learned for others interested in improving immunisation data quality and use.

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4 per brief

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PATH website and BID website, both accessed on September 7 2018. Image credit: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Riccardo Gangale

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