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Ethiopia: Reflections on Media Reform - Handbook

Ethiopia: Reflections on Media Reform - Handbook

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Publication Date: 
Monday, April 1, 2019

"Media reform is not about reforming the laws. It is about reforming the heart of the culture of journalism as well as the relation between media, government, civil society and international stakeholders. It is about producing journalism that is based on truth-seeking professionalism." - Lars Tallert, Head of Policy and International Development at Fojo Media Institute

This publication aims to provide critical reflection and useful tips and tools for Ethiopian journalists and anyone who has an interest in media reform during times of change. It focuses on a range of media reform themes, such as press freedom, self-regulation, media business models, media councils, gender representation in the media, and the need for tools and resilience in a digitalised world.


English and Amharic

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Fojo Media Institute website on July 24 2020.

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