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Media Development Insights


Media Development Insights

Hi and thanks for being part of The Communication Initiative Network with a particular interest/involvement in Media Development within our collective field. The Media Development knowledge sharing and review theme site is at of course. But there is also a Media Development social networking platform at Please do share your ideas and resources through this platform. Just click Create Content and then either General Forum or Event. Three initial resources follow for your critical review. Either reply/comment online (there is an easy password recovery system if you have forgotten) or by email (just reply to this email as you would to any email). OK - three initial resources:

  1. The "Fourth Estate" in Democracy Assistance: Practices and Challenges of German and International Media Development Cooperation
  2. Disaster through a Different Lens: Behind Every Effect, There Is a Cause
  3. An Assessment of Media Development Challenges and Opportunities in Myanmar: Change Is in the Air

Thanks for engaging and please do send your knowledge through.

Best wishes to all - Warren

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