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Saving Newborn Lives: Champions Toolkit

Saving Newborn Lives: Champions Toolkit

Second Edition
Sarah Roma
Carlisle Levine
Publication Date
Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 16, 2017

"In order to engage champions strategically, the most important first step is to ensure that work with champions is linked to advancing a particular advocacy objective."

This toolkit, now in its second edition, provides practical guidance about why, when, and how to systematically partner with champions to advocate for robust policies and programmes to reduce global neonatal mortality. It also provides examples of how Save the Children has worked with newborn health champions as part of its Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) programme has brought together paediatricians, midwives, members of parliament, ministers of health, journalists, celebrities, and many other champions to increase the availability of and access to routine and emergency newborn care services and supplies, improve the quality of newborn care services, and increase knowledge about and demand for newborn care.

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