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Summaries you may find useful


Summaries you may find useful

Saturday, Mar 8
10 years 19 weeks ago

The following summaries from CIs polio website offer some useful introductory reading. Please share other content if you think it will be of interest:

Specific issues in conflict countries: DRC, Liberia and Sierra Leone
Issues are broken down across the three countries and focus on things like refusals and problems with top down communication.

Defying Expectations: Polio Vaccination Programs Amid Political and Armed Conflict
Based on a panel discussion convened by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) on June 29 2010, this brief explores strategies utilised by polio vaccination campaigns in areas of armed or serious political conflict.

Story of Struggle of a Female Polio Worker
Amna is one of the many females working in the network amongst more than 200 staff members in the 5 polio high risk districts - apart from the volunteers who are involved in the polio campaigns that go door to door to vaccinated children. All of them have stories similar to Amna, stories of courage, resilience and strength.

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