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Re: [Development Networks] Twitter and Facebook Policy (Draft) - your Review

Re: [Development Networks] Twitter and Facebook Policy (Draft) - your Review

Forgot to add the screen shot - see here - Warren

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From: Development Subject: Re: [Development Networks] Twitter and Facebook Policy (Draft) - your Review To: Received: Monday, January 30, 2012, 2:38 PM ((( Reply ABOVE this LINE to POST a COMMENT ))) Greetings Warren Y Feek, Comment by Warren Feek: Hi folks - this is for

Hi folks - this is for everyone.

Over last few days have dabbled with Facebook and Twitter to learn more.  These are easily changed but I did need to do on live as wanted to see  effects. These are no big deal to reverse.

1) I created a page in Facebook called The Communication Initiative Network     - overcomes the issue with site someone has just set up 2) It is a "page" - a particular functionality in facebook -designed for     organisations and able to be administered by many one time     (which we need) At present it is very basic. Link is at     [1] 3) If you have Facebook page of your own can you please send me the email     address you entered when you set up your Facebook page. All this will     enable me to do is put you in the Admin loop - which I would very much     like everyone to be in 4) Does anyone have experience in configuring a a Facebook Page or in     general in configuring a Facebook account with more than the normal     functionality and design. 5) On our web page you will see - under Facebook Like - a link to my     Facebook page. I just wanted to see how this would work. Please note that     there are issues. It should work as per the image attached in screen     shot. But occasionally it looks wrong. This is a link embedded in a block     so was not necessary to go back through features - block as there - just     changed the content. 6) One issue I could not figure out was how to link to the The Communication     Initiative Network PAGE - will need to experiment - there does not seem     to be a badge facility in FB PAGE? 7) The idea is that we will run this Facebook page so that we have a     substantive prescence there that interacts back to our site. At present     Facebook is the 8th largest source for sending users direct to The CI. We     need to build on that. 8) Likewise with Twitter. See the block with Tweet this page - I have added     a link - again as an interim measure to my twitter account. We will     create one consolidated Twitter account (or perhaps 3 - see original     plan) soon. But first needed to see how this all works. Twitter is an     increasing way to interact with our site to share knowledge.

OK - thoughts and ideas?

More soon re how we will get all of this organised amongst us

Thanks - Warren

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