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Space for Participants to Share their Research Knowledge


Space for Participants to Share their Research Knowledge

This is the online platform thread for participants (virtual and in-person) in the Research Methodologies day event on March 16th, 2015 at BBC Media Action to share your research knowledge (log in). We have structured this one day event around 3 in-depth presentations with significant time for critical review. Many other people involved in this event do of course have extensive and impressive research "portfolios". A large number of you could have presented. Our thanks for your understanding. This is the thread for you to share your research knowledge with others involved in this event (log in). Please just do the following:

  1. On any page of the platform ensure that you are logged in - eg

  2. Top right click on Create Content

  3. Then click on New Topic

  4. Enter a Title

  5. Choose the Group Space for Participants to Share their Research Knowledge

  6. Enter the knowledge that you wish to share with URL links to access the full knowledge.

  7. Attach any files that you wish to attach (NB there is a file size limit for spam reasons - if your files are too big please just email them to me).

  8. We will then approve your posts (another anti-spam config) for communication to everyone.

Thanks - we very much look forward to you sharing your knowledge as a very important part of this process.


Research Methodologies
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