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Communication for Development Strategic Framework 2018-2021

Communication for Development Strategic Framework 2018-2021

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Publication Date: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) works to realise human development goals through the strategic use of communication, community engagement, and social mobilisation to promote positive and measurable behaviour and social change. Communication for development (C4D) is defined as "an evidence-based process that utilizes a mix of communication tools, channels and approaches to facilitate participation and engagement with children, families, communities, networks for positive social and behaviour change in both development and humanitarian contexts." From UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA), the evidence-based approach highlighted in this framework has been developed to provide countries with a blueprint for strengthening the integration of C4D into programme interventions and humanitarian work in all country offices across South Asia.

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UNICEF ROSA website, January 25 2019. Image credit: ©UNICEF Pakistan/2015/Zaid

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