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Re: [Open Atrium in the CI Context] Cacherouter and memcache seem to break bulk operations


Re: [Open Atrium in the CI Context] Cacherouter and memcache seem to break bulk operations

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-------- SUMMARY

d6 content management interface [1] has an option of using bulk operations.

When cacherouter module is enabled (that is the drupal module that interfaces with memcache), the bulk operations batch processing step breaks.

.... To repeat:

  • enable cacherouter
  • enable the cacherouter settings array in /home/drupalsix/sites/default/settings.php file (bottom of that file)
  • load [2]
  • In "Title Contains" field enter "Right"
  • set "Published" to "Yes"
  • Chose from Sites - "Children, equity" - and click Apply
  • Check the box next to Title to select all rows on the page
  • then click "Select all 89 rows", so that the message appears "All 89 rows in this view are selected"
  • Under "Bulk Operations" choose "Modify Node Taxonomy terms"
  • click Execute
  • That will take you to the set parameters page
  • ensure "Add selected terms" is selected
  • Scroll down to "Perspectives" and under "UNICEF Priorities" select "Equity"
  • click next
  • you will be taken you back to the main Content screen and error message says "no row selected'


  • bulk operations work with cacherouter enabled


  • determine if there are known issues in the cacherouter issue queue or elsewhere
  • Take steps to correct

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[1] [2]

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