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The Safety of Women Journalists: Breaking the Cycle of Silence and Violence

The Safety of Women Journalists: Breaking the Cycle of Silence and Violence

  <h4>An Overview of Nine Countries</h4>
Silvia Chocarro
Publication Date
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

"Within the last decade, awareness that women in media are subject to gender-based attacks has grown, along with a greater understanding that this poses a serious challenge to media freedom and development....When women journalists are restricted or hounded out of the profession, society is denied access to a diverse range of information and perspectives."

This International Media Support (IMS) report assesses how women in media are being targeted and how journalism is impacted by gender-specific harassment and violence. It also discusses existing efforts to improve the safety and protection of women journalists in 9 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, with a view to informing debate and actions by media owners and editors, policymakers, press freedom organisations, and journalists.

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IMS website, January 3 2020. Image caption/credit: In December 2018, the Gender Respect declaration developed by Somali Women Journalists network (SWJ) was signed by 30 media houses across Somalia and 4 media organisations, as well as the Ministry of Information. The declaration is advocating the need to respect the rights of women in media. Photo: Farhia Kheyre/SWJ

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