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Social Media and Journalism in Ethiopia - Setting the Scene for Reform

Social Media and Journalism in Ethiopia - Setting the Scene for Reform

Christer L. Pettersson
Nigussu Solomon
Publication Date
Monday, April 1, 2019

Fojo Media Institute

"Social media is the dark horse. Social media has, in a few years, turned the political landscape in Ethiopia on its head not only as a means of mobilising people, but also as a means of spreading rumours, hate speech and disinformation."

This report, written from a journalism and freedom of speech perspective, is intended to be an introduction to the many issues and aspects related to how social media influences sustainable, independent news publishing, freedom of speech, and growth of democracy in Ethiopia. It offers a mapping of where media and social media are at in the country, against the backdrop of intensified local and international debate and actions that seek to come to terms with social media platforms, including their use by undisclosed political forces. The report, published by Fojo Media Institute, forms part of the "Media Reform in a Time of Change - Promoting Journalism and Democracy" programme.

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Fojo: Media Institute website on July 27 2020. Image credit: Michael Tewelde

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