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Session 3 - Mission, Vision, Objectives


Session 3 - Mission, Vision, Objectives

Dear Warren and Rafael,

Attached is the most current version of the agenda for next week's GC4DA consultation. Warren has been slotted in a number of places, including Session 3: Mission and Vision.

Also attached are eight statements downloaded from eight organizations. Not all organizations we research with respect to journals, Constitutions/By-laws and Membership Structures and Fees had the mission or objectives readily apparent on the web-sites. The ones I have included sometimes contain objectives or principles, not necessarily the mission or vision.

We hope these will help guide the discussion.

As discussed on Skype, this session could begin with a round robin of participants stating their name, institution or organization and a 1-minute statement (closely monitored) on why s/he was motivated to come to this consultation and why now is, or is not, the time to establish a global C4D association. This would be followed by a discussion to shape a statement of mission and of vision.

If more participants do not believe a GC4DA is a good idea at this time, then we can close the consultation, of course!

I am writing similar messages to the Facilitator(s) of each of the sessions. I already did that with Marie Brobeck and Jesus Arroyave for Section, but will write again today with copies of some Constitutions and By-laws. (Jesus is not sure of his participation and Anna Penido is unable to attend.)

I am including Patricia on all my messages today in case there is need of back-up for any reason.

When Rafael returns on Monday, I will have a set of documents in hard copy for us to make a final selection to include in the binders for participants.

By the way, the Google Docs sharing has not elicited comments into the spreadsheet of journals. A couple messages came in on this platform, but it was Liv or I who introduced the changes to the spreadsheet. Hence I am not using it for now.

Thank you and regards, Paula

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