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Session 5 -- Enhancing the role of C4D through evidence, including academic journal


Session 5 -- Enhancing the role of C4D through evidence, including academic journal

Dear Thomas and Ketan,

Attached is the most current version of the agenda for next week's GC4DA consultation. You have been slotted as facilitators for Session 5, discussion around the establishment of an academic journal.

I have updated Liv's spreadsheet with a suggestion from Doug Storey at JHU. Please find the spreadsheet attached. I hope this will help guide the discussion.

I will explain our overall methodology in Session 4., Warren, Rafael and I discussed how to most benefit from everyone's thinking in such a short time frame. We hope that you as facilitators can start off the discussion with an overview of existing journals, as per this spreadsheet. You might make some comments about your perspectives on the pros and cons of a new journal. (The spreadsheet will be in participants' binders and we will also share it on this platform with everyone, prior to the consultation.)

After this 8-10 minutes introduction, there will be a short Q&A to clarify the issues at hand. We will then move into small group discussion. You would ask participants to work either at their tables or, if you think a regional or thematic discussion might be more effective, you could take that approach. For 18-20 minutes, the small groups would discuss either the same questions, or different ones. For example, knowing what we do of the existing journals, what would be the added value of a new one -- give the top 2 reasons for a new one? Who or what institution might be best placed to take on this task? How would it be financed (membership fees? subscription fees? other?)

Then, each group will be invited to report out and any clustering of ideas. Hopefully, some consensus will be reached.

We realize that one hour is not a long period to discuss such an important topic, but we hope it will yield some solid trends in thinking. As we go through the rest of the agenda, more clarity may emerge.

I am writing similar messages to the Facilitator(s) of each session.

Before Tuesday, we will send all the handouts that will be in the participants' binders, including this spreadsheet.

Feel free to share this message with others, and to be in touch with each other.

Thank you and hope you are having a good weekend.

Regards, Paula

PS Attached is the most current participants list too.

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