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EE Conf Presentations online - the beginning


EE Conf Presentations online - the beginning

Hi folks - hope that all is well and if you did attend the 5th Entertainment-Education conference, very much hope that your travels home were safe and enjoyable!

As I outlined at the end of the conference we are uploading all of the knowledge from the EE conference in a manner that supports further interaction, dialogue and learning.

For example, for this session: "Mini to Mid to Mass: Focus on Maternal and Child Health and FP" - please go to

You will see most of the presentations and some relevant videos on the learning shared from Pehla Ek Ghanta (India), Nigerian Nollywood movies, Gari Chole Na (Bangladesh) and PataPata Children's Radio Programme (Tanzania) with the Niger presentation still to be uploaded as it is in a different format.

When you review these presentations please do share your comments, critique and questions. To do so just click "Reply" for each presentation/posting and/or use the Comments facility (scroll down) for overall questions, issues or observations.

Please note that there is a lot of knowledge from the conference already uploaded at Over the next couple of weeks we will upload more.

Thanks for using this virtual platform to extend the interaction, sharing and learning on this vitally important development process.

Best wishes - Warren

Warren Feek - Executive Director - The Communication Initiative

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