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Hi and thanks for being part of The CI/Drum Beat's Environment/Natural Resource Management Network. Apologies if you received this through other channels.

Just a quick update re the next round of the Gates Foundation supported "Grand Challenges". In one month the most recent call for proposals closes. Many are highly relevant to environment/natural resource management issues and priorities and the role that media and communication can play in addressing these.

Some key points:

There are 5 major topics, three of which (Immunization, Health, Nutrition) may have relevance for some Partners.

* Protect Crop Plants from Biotic Stresses From Field to Market

* Design New Approaches to Optimize Immunization Systems

* Explore New Solutions for Global Health Priority Areas

* Explore Nutrition for Healthy Growth of Infants and Children

* Apply Synthetic Biology to Global Health Challenges

You can see further details on each topic from here

"Initial grants of $100,000 are awarded two times a year"

"Successful projects have the opportunity to receive a follow-on grant of up to $1 million."

Gates are investing USD 100 million overall in this process

The deadline is November 17, 2011

There are many more details at

The proposal forms can be found here

And if you are thinking of applying and The CI capacities fit into yor plans then we would LOVE to chat with you!!!

Good luck!

Best wishes - Warren

PS - Please do share through here (just reply to this email and enter your contribution) any helpful experiences or insights that you may previously have with the Grand Challenges process.

Warren Feek

Executive Director

The Communication Initiative

Natural Resource Management theme site at

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To: The Natural Resource

To: The Natural Resource Management network within the Drum Beat network From: Warren Feek

Hi folks - just interested if anyone did apply for a Gates Challenge Grant on one of the themes related to Natural Resource Management? (Open the "Read More" link below to see my previous note which outlined the process and priorities). If you did apply and are comfortable doing this please do share the outline of the programmes you have proposed. We can all learn from each other! Thanks - Warren

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