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Session 11 - A gathering for C4D


Session 11 - A gathering for C4D

Dear Woody, and am including Jackie and Ram too --

Attached is the most current version of the agenda for next week's GC4DA consultation. You have been slotted as facilitator for Session 11, "A gathering for C4D). This follows Sessions 8 and 9, which discuss the 5 suggested functions of a GC4DA, and which will be facilitated by Ram and Jackie.

There is thus some potential for overlap, particularly with Session 9, but we envision that in Session 9, the focus will be more on agreeing that such a regular gathering would be a logical function for such an organization. Session 11 would go further into exploring the pros and cons.

All three sessions are critical, and we hope they will yield some solid trends in thinking.

We made Session 10 on the linkages between the mass media functions and the C4D functions just prior to this one, as it may contribute to our overall thinking for a C4D gathering.

In Session 4, I will explain our methodology for the workshop. Warren, Rafael and I discussed how to most benefit from everyone's thinking in such a short time frame. For almost every session, we hope that the facilitator(s) can start off the discussion with an explanation of what has already been discussed with respect to the issue at hand. In the case of Session 11, this is about regular face-to-face meeting place for C4D academics, practitioners and others.

After your 8-10 minute introduction, there will be a short Q&A to clarify the issues at hand. We will then move into small group discussion. You would ask participants to work either at their tables or, if you think a regional or thematic discussion might be more effective, you could take that approach. For 18-20 minutes, the small groups would discuss either the same questions, or different ones. For example, with the bi-annual UN Round Table, OreComm's annual gathering, existing regional gatherings and CI's gatherings, what is the value added of a global C4D association gathering? (We can discuss specific questions for the small group work.)

Then, each group will be invited to report out and any clustering of ideas. Hopefully, some consensus will be reached.

You may refer to the Concept Note for a few more ideas, and we will be happy to discuss this further with you when you arrive.

I think is all for now.

Hope you are having a good weekending and looking forward to seeing you next week, Paula

Proposed Communication for Development Association
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