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Developing the communication platform


Developing the communication platform

As part of the partnership between The CI and UNICEF re support to you all for the consideration and possible development of a global, membership based C4D Association, The CI will develop and support the online processes. In the initial phases this will be for the consideration of this idea - then if we all decide to go ahead we can transform this into the platform for the Assoc itself. What you see here is just one small, initial part of that process. You can:

  • Contribute overall thoughts - Click Create Content/General Forum entry
  • Comment on particular themes - eg as a beginning I started themes on "Mission of the C4D; Peer Reviewed Journal; and "Face-to-Face meetings" - the three main themes of the teleconf and concept paper. Communicating this way means that we can have distinct threads on particular issues - Click Create Content/New Topic and select the relevant theme
  • Contribute any relevant events - Click Create Content/New Event
  • Reply to other people's comments - again so that we have threads
  • The concept note is included in way that supports your comments and additional notes

... and much else. Will brief everyone soon in more detail. But it is good to just explore.

Please note that you can (and please do) enhance your profile.Click your name top left, then Account Settings and you will see options for picture, profile, etc.

Plus all of this is email enabled - you can reply by email.

Thanks - just the very beginnings - best wishes - Warren

Proposed Communication for Development Association
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