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Infuse existing journals or start a new one


Infuse existing journals or start a new one

Martes, Jul 10
hace 11 years 31 weeks

The purpose of this major task for the C4D would be to expand both the levels and credibility of communication/media for development research and evaluation literature. Our considered view was that a new journal is required. But reflecting on Doug's comments re the level of cost and effort required to develop a journal, might we be better to have a dual strategy around the longer term development of a new journal combined with supporting, as soon as possible, high quality c4d papers being placed in gold standard journals? Thoughts?

Piggybacking on existing

Piggybacking on existing journals is fine but there are a large number of them already that publish a range of C4D related articles, so what is the role of the C4D Association in working with these journals? Is the role to review articles published in the past 5-10 years, and then determine the gaps in literature or diversity of research and later try and get more papers submitted or would the role be to work with a journal to have a period special issue on a specific C4D theme once a year?

Sometime back there was a Journal of Development Communication, Roy Colle, was the editor for a while. We may want to see if that journal could be revived, as it could then be the go to place for research on C4D.

Re: Proposed Peer Review

Re: Proposed Peer Review Journal

To: Proposed C4D Association consultation group

From: Jo Tacchi

It would seem important, given the concern expressed in webinar to include scholars/practitioners from the global south, to ensure the journal is open source. The ITID journal is a good example from the ICT4D field. It is reported to have high research impact.

I agree with a comment I think I read from the write up on the webinar, that it would be important to offer strong editorial support for emerging scholars, practitioners less used to writing in this format, or those with English as a second language (or whatever other languages it gets published in). Perhaps some kind of buddy system could be implemented? People on the editorial board could buddy a promising article's author to get it to publishable standard? It could have a large editorial board.

A really great journal we could also look at is Development in Practice, which is an Oxfam journal, and mixes articles from practitioners and scholars. It's a really great model in that respect.


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