Webinar Series: Equity-Focused Evaluations

Mie Sep 21, 2011 (Todo el día)

Webinar Series: Equity-Focused Evaluations

Hi - as people within The Drum Beat network either actively engaged or interested in children, equity and development a quick note re the 2nd webinar on equity focused evaluations to be held September 21, 2011. (The first was yesterday - sorry)

"This series of webinars on “Equity-focused Evaluations” will address the challenges and opportunities in evaluating the effects of policies, programmes, and projects to enhance equitable development results, with a special focus on the effects to the most excluded, marginalised, and deprived groups. The first webinar will be on September 6 2011, with Colin Kirk, Director, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Evaluation Office. The second webinar will be on September 21 2011, with Belen Sanz, Chair, UNEG and Chief, UNWomen Evaluation Office, and Flaminia Minelli, Evaluation Office, Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights."

more info at http://comminit.com/global/event/webinar-series-equity-focused-evaluations

Best wishes - Warren