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Your Children and Equity Knowledge


Your Children and Equity Knowledge

To: People working on Children Related issues within the Drum Beat network

Greetings from The Communication Initiative. I just wanted to let you know that we are on the cusp of publishing an issue of our e-magazine, The Drum Beat, focused on Children, Equity and Development as part of our theme site, here: This issue of The Drum Beat will focus on the concept of equity, in particular. Please look out for it next week, and send us your feedback by email from this message (just click reply).

Please also send us your knowledge to share through this network. We always welcome submissions of knowledge related to programmes, strategic thinking, research and evaluation, materials, training opportunities,etc related to children and communication. simply reply to this email, contact Kier deVries at or send to

A few recent summaries we have posted focus on the issue of child abuse, such as is the highlight of this communication campaign: 19 Days of Activism for Prevention of Child Abuse - see: We also recently added the following item to the theme site: "A Reasoned Approach: Reshaping Sex Offender Policy to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse"

If either of these summaries, or anything that you see on the theme site or read in the next issue of The Drum Beat, resonate with you or spark you to send in your own experiences or reports, please do be in touch at any time!

Best wishes and thanks to Kier who guides and coordinates this work in our partnershio with UNICEF.


Warren Feek The Communication Initiative

Children and Equity
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