Q & A - Using this Networking Space

Use this group to ask questions about using this networking space. Just go to "Add Topic" (in top right corner) to enter your question. Just remember to select "Q & A - Using this Networking Space" under Project to ensure that your question is posted into the correct Group.

Uploading Files?

Can I upload files/documents into this space and if so, how do I do that?

Uploading Files

Yes, you can upload files and we encourage it! Members are able to upload and share content with each other through a simple feature that allows them to browse their computer, select documents in a range of formats and upload them to the Network in association with any Group, Topic and/or Reply they submit. If you are, for example, submitting a topic or replying just scroll down and you will see a block which says "Attach Files to this Topic"

To view the files, you need to be within that Group or Forum where they will be visible as attachments.

Try the video tutorial

The video tutorial on the main page provides a lot of easy to understand information on how to navigate through this network and how to quickly learn how you can start contributing.