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Track 1: Research and Evaluation

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The space for online debate, sharing and strategic thinking on Track 1 of the Conference which will focus on Research and Evaluation

Session: How to Get Through to Kids These Days

The place to (a) find the presentations from the "How to Get Through to Kids These Days" session and (b) for further online debate and conversations related to the knowledge shared in these presentations

Connecting with people using social media for social research

Hi, I'm really keen to connect with people at this conference who have used social media like Facebook etc to do social research - eg surveying experiences of racism, collecting opinions on social institutions such as the legal system, foster online discussions on social issues to collect data on views etc. Please stick up your hand so we can have a chat if you have done anything like this - especially if it is with poor or marginalised populations! Look forward to talking to you and hearing about your work and ideas!

Very powerful use of mobile phones in rural India

Hi, calling your attention to a powerful use of mobile phones in rural India. Here is the link to an article I wrote in the Global health portal.

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