Impact Day - 29th March - Reminders

To: Participants (in person and virtual) - "Impact: Social and Behavioural Change" - UNAIDS - Geneva - 29th March 2011 (to read the full note and respond in this community please click on Read More link below, log in and comment/reply or start a new blog).

Hi folks - a few notes in advance of the Impact Day on March 29th in Geneva at UNAIDS in the Kofi Annan room starting at 9am Geneva time. Below I will cover: (1) the agenda (2) making presentations (and polls/assessments during the day) available to those not in Geneva for real-time comment (3) further prompts re both your expectations for the day and sharing your research results (4) wireless access in the room and (5) a note for the folks who are based in Geneva.

  1. The refined agenda is attached
  2. As each of the presentations commence we will make them available through this online community for online comments and questions - so feel free to join in no matter where you may be - we welcome all comments (nb there may also be some quick polls/surveys!
  3. Please do, through this community, submit both your expectations (interests/needs) for this day (with many thanks to those that have already) and your organisations relevant research and evaluation work/study (you can submit a separate "blog" and attach any files - please ensure they are pdfs). These remain really important as the presenters refine their presentations and want to ensure that they know about and respond to your needs and interests.
  4. There will be wireless access in the room. I am assured that it will handle 90 people no problem. So if you have a lap top please do bring it with you for the virtual interaction. BUT there are not many electric plugs so please make sure it is fully charged!
  5. If your office is in Geneva - I am very tentative in requesting this but f I do not ask...well.. people may say that I should have asked! The following is based on my past Geneva/London/New York etc experience. Because of the space restrictions we had to disappoint a large number of people who very much wanted to attend this little gathering. When your office is where the meeting is being held I know (mea culpa) it is tempting to head back to the office, miss sessions, respond to "emergencies, etc. But can I please ask you to put the whole day aside for this event as indicated when registering. I know you were going to anyway so apologies for any impertinence - many thanks.

OK - thanks - please keep the contributions flowing.

Best wishes to all - Warren