Ebola related knowledge, analysis and resources

Wednesday, Sep 17
hace 9 years 2 weeks

To: The Health Communication Network with The Communication Initiative

Ebola related knowledge, analysis and resources

There has been a devastating spread of the Ebola epidemic. Below please find some of the resources, knowledge, analysis and ideas shared by the network on Ebola related issues. Please do both share your commentary on these inputs and contribute your own knowledge and ideas. Simply reply by email or click Read More below and comment on the platform. Thank you.

Ebola Briefing for Broadcasters in Affected Areas

Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) Resources for Ebola

Ebola in Sierra Leone: new radio shows join the fight

Entertainment Media Can Help Change Behaviors and Stop the Ebola Outbreak

Using radio to respond to Ebola in Sierra Leone

Communication Plays a Critical Role in Ebola Crisis

Ebola and Communication for Development

The Power of Belief - What Polio and Ebola have in common

Medicine Tracking System (mTrac)