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Post 2015 - Your Health and Rights Communication Priorities


Post 2015 - Your Health and Rights Communication Priorities

To: The Health, Rights, Media Network

Your Health and Rights Communication Priorities, Post 2015?

"The post-2015 framework should include access to justice and legal empowerment targets in a governance goal to address issues most critical to human development." - from "Justice 2015 - Measuring Justice in the post-2015 Development Framework".

The paper from a consortia of organizations includes proposed targets such as: "Ensure the participation of citizens in monitoring essential services such as healthcare, water and education".

Do you agree? Are these important elements to include in the post-2015 "Goals"? What is the Media role related to such goals? To share your perspectives please either reply by email to this note or click the Read More link below and add a comment on the platform.

Some knowledge relevant to this question includes:

Health Priorities Post 2015: What is the Priority Health Agenda for the 15 Years after 2015?

Legislative advocacy is one strategy outlined. The Health, Rights, Media theme site includes many items on health advocacy, such as these two:

Medical Advocacy Mural Project

Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization for Tuberculosis Control: Collection of Country-Level Good Practices

Or, perhaps you think that networking is also important to foster social inclusion as we move beyond 2015. Please read and comment on this summary:
Engaging Social Networks in Family Planning Programming: Lessons from Research Interventions: A Report for: Terikunda Jekulu: Using Network Analysis to Address Unmet Need in Mali

Do you wonder about concepts of empowerment and justice as they relate to health, post-2015? Please read and comment on this blog:
Is empowerment too complicated to be a useful concept in practice?

If your focus is on marginalised populations, consider visiting numerous contributions to the theme site, including:
Young Men Who Have Sex with Men: Health, Access, and HIV

Thank you for engaging and for sharing your perspectives

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