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To: People in Drum Beat's HIV/AIDS Network

From: Warren Feek

Re: CrowdOutAIDS

Hi - we are always looking for inclusive and innovative communication based approaches to policy development. UNAIDS has just launched a process that uses crowd sourcing technologies to engage young people in the development of the future UNAIDS policy on "Youth and HIV/AIDS".

Young people can engage in this process at

Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS describes this strategy as follows: "It is absolutely critical that we engage young people—not as recipients of our messages but as the actors and creators of change.”

In order to seek to achieve this CrowdOutAIDS has been developed. It is a platform that uses crowdsourcing technologies, Facebook, Twitter, etc to support youth engagement and action in the development of effective responses to AIDS.

Can I please ask you to:

  1. Review CrowdOutAIDS at
  2. Forward and share this information and link with young people with whom you work
  3. Send a message along these lines through your Twitter account

Check out CrowdOutAIDS. Directly engages young people in UNAIDS policy development. See #CrowdOutAIDS

And can I please also encourage you to simply reply to this email and share with others working on/interested in HIV/AIDS issues in The Drum Beat network your views and opinions on the strategy that is outlined at

What is your strategic perspective and opinion on the value or otherwise of this initiative?

Thanks - really appreciated.


Hi - sorry - I should have

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Hi - sorry - I should have included in my previous note the summary of CrowdOutAIDS which can be accessed here

As this is a new communication development seeking to use inclusive and broad social media processes to develop Policy for a UN agency please do share your reactions and thoughts.

Either reply this this email OR access the summary link and use the Comments form.

Thanks - Warren

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