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Gender and HIV/AIDS - International Womens Day


Gender and HIV/AIDS - International Womens Day

To: The HIV/AIDS Communication Network within the overall Drum Beat network.

Hi and best wishes. As we all celebrate International Women's Day we invite your critical review (in the positive sense of that phrase!) of a couple of recent knowledge items shared by the network. How do you assess the strategies and activities outlined below? What questions do you have? What observations do you make? You can reply to this note by email or open the Read More link below and reply online? Or, within the summaries themselves please submit a comment and/or rate the knowledge.

Public Sector Response to Gender-Based Violence in Vietnam

A Call to Act: Engaging Religious Leaders and Communities on Addressing Gender-Based Violence and HIV

The Girl Effect

Plus please access further Gender and HIV related knowledge by going to and clicking on "Focus on Gender".

Thanks for engaging - Warren

Warren Feek - Executive Director - The Communication Initiative - - - Office - 1–250-658-6372 - Mobile 1-250-588-8795 - Fax 1-250-658-1728 - Twitter: @warrencomminit - Facebook: The Communication Initiative Network

HIV/AIDS Communication
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