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Malaria Vaccine? Your Strategic Reaction?


Malaria Vaccine? Your Strategic Reaction?

To: Soul Beat Malaria network

As someone engaged in work on Malaria issues or with an interest in this issue how do you react to news like that we have seen today on the possibility of a Malaria Vaccine - see a compilation of the news coverage on this news on the Soul Beat Malaria site at

Here is the beginnng of just one report from The Globe and Mail in Canada where I am at present
"Malaria-vaccine trials raise hope of eradicating deadly disease

Dramatic new results from a malaria vaccine have raised hopes that the world might be on the verge of defeating a disease that kills nearly 800,000 people every year.

If confirmed by future trials, it could be a breakthrough: the world’s first successful vaccine against a human parasite, and a major blow against a disease that affects some 225 million people annually, killing primarily poor African children...."

Read the full article at

What is your reaction?

Do you regard this kind of news as a "game changer"?

What strategic implications (if any) pass through your mind?

What issues and ideas do you and your colleagues/networks discuss?

From a communication and media perspective what particular implications do you consider?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with this network. Just reply to this as you would to any other email!

Best wishes and thanks - Warren

Warren Feek Executive Director The Communication Initiative

Best wishes - Warren

Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network
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