Community Radio: Seeking strategic insight and support

To: The Media Development Network within The Communication Initiative Network

Dr. Hari Om Srivastava, President of the World Development Foundation seeks suggestions and sharing of experiences related to community radio development. To share your insights either reply by email or click the "Read More" link below and comment on the platform.

World Development Foundation is going to install seven community radio stations in different parts of Ethiopia. WDF shall also be conducting a training course in Ethiopia to provide operational and production training.

This is a project of Ministry of Communication and IT, Federal republic of Ethiopia.

We look forward to other organisations to suggestion and also sharing of experiences.

Community Radio is an effective medium, which covers large population areas with low cost and in short span of time. Its use in educational settings has been reported by many countries. It can act as a community telephone, fostering information exchange at community level, and as an effective catalyst towards formal and non-formal education.

In India Community Radio licenses are given to Universities (campus radio), Agriculture development centres (farm radio) and NGOs (social development). There are about 150 Community Radio Stations in operation.

I, in my personal capacity and as President of World development Foundation has been involved in setting the policy guidelines in the country to its implementation.

Dr. Hari Om Srivastava, President of the World Development Foundation
World Development Foundation