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Keeping Girls in the Picture: Community Radio Toolkit

Keeping Girls in the Picture: Community Radio Toolkit

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"If girls lose out, we all lose out. We must 'keep girls in the picture' - we must make sure that all girls are learning and that #LearningNeverStops."

This toolkit for radio has been developed as part of the #LearningNeverStops campaign, which was initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and members of the Global Education Coalition in the context of COVID-19. The campaign calls for efforts to safeguard progress made on girls' education, to ensure girls' learning continues during school closures, and to promote girls' safe return to school once these reopen. It also sheds light on the 130 million girls who were already out of school before the pandemic, and calls on the international community to urgently work together to guarantee their right to education.


English, French, Nepalese, Spanish

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UNESCO website on April 12 2021. Image credit: Zhu Difeng/

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