Polio Networks

The world has never been closer to eradicating polio and yet progress has been frustratingly difficult in some countries. Polio's International Monitoring Board recently said that the world is not on track to interrupt polio transmission by 2012 but it can still achieve this if fundamental problems are addressed.

There are many issues faced by the GPEI from funding shortages and a lack of accountability among some of those responsible for implementing the programme to finding the right balance between maintaining high levels of optimism and morale and encouraging critical voices and innovations necessary to overcome intractable problems.

This network is focused on identifying innovations, giving space to critical voices and telling the stories that inspire us to keep going. It is not 'owned' by any of the core polio partners and is therefore independent but it is deeply committed to eradicating polio and to supporting the many thousands of people who are working towards this goal.

We hope that the opinions and ideas shared through this network spark ideas and innovations in polio communication that contribute to ending polio.